3 Popular Pet Litter Boxes for Pet Owners -

When it comes to promoting the safety and comfort of pet cats, you can’t go wrong with your cat litter box investment. If used the right way, a cat litter box can provide your cats with an area where they can deposit their wastes. These litter boxes can also help secure the safety of your pets in the household. Instead of wandering outside the house to relieve themselves, they get to find comfort indoors, thus they become protected from other animals. But before you can find the right unit for your pets, you will have to assess a number of options available. And if you are faced with this familiar dilemma, then we suggest that you consider our recommendations, as listed below.

Litter-Robot III of Litter Robot- What makes this a great unit for your home is its modern design. This can work in homes and pet owners with at least two cats, and suggested too for pet owners who are too preoccupied with work. This unit is packed with helpful features, including a lockable control system, a drawer indicator and a night light that turns automatically. Other parts are available at an extra cost, like the backup battery. You can also configure the cleaning schedule of the unit, depending on your needs. In terms of features, the Litter Robot is your dependable partner, but it comes at a higher price.
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Simply Clean of PetSafe- PetSafe has been around for years, and have been producing quality cat litter boxes for cat and pet owners. As its name suggests, it’s self-cleaning, and takes on the dirt on a regular basis. This PetSafe unit come with a bowl and motor that slowly moves hourly, to screen the waste, and move these to the assigned bin using the conveyor belt. Also, the bin is lined with bags so the cat’s wastes are properly stored. This product is highly recommended for cat owners who don’t want to clean the mess left by cats. Simply Clean works, but some customers complain about its performance. For example, customers complain about the automatic shutting off of the unit when the belt has problems, or when the wastebasket is already filled with dirt.

ScoopFree Self-Cleaning of PetSafe- For the busy cat owner, this ScoopFree unit from PetSafe can perform all the expected roles. The litter box will not only collect the waste, but will also limit the odors produced. If you’re new to the product, you can easily use this using basic step. To use, you put the provided disposable litter, turn the unit on, and allow the product to work. This is backed by a sensor which will check if the cats are already done with their chores. The box works because of the blue crystals, promoting an odor-free box.

Each of these litter boxes can help provide cats with areas where they are welcome to leave their wastes, but there are some differences too. To find what will work best for your needs, we suggest that you check out the price points, and the features that fit your lifestyle.