The 4 Best Healthy Dog Treats -

Your puppies diet is as important as yours, and though we often make the mistake of thinking our canine friends should be indulging in wholesome meaty meals, we forget that they too need a substantial amount of fruits and veggies to keep them healthy. Dog treats should be a special, tasty snack – but it shouldn’t be lacking in the vital vitamins and minerals that your doggie needs to stay happy and active.

Healthy dog treats should be used for training purposes, developing on reward-based learning and becoming a part of their daily routine. Using treats this often mean that it’s even more essential that they are packed full of the good stuff! Knowing what to look for when purchasing your pups food is key to understanding what counts as healthy and what doesn’t; if you’re looking for something meaty, then ensure the meat is at the top of the ingredients list – if it’s midway or near to the bottom then the meat content is simply not enough.

Counting calories in your dogs food seems silly, but the manufacturers of all the good stuff will always advertise the fact they have low calories. If you’re feeding your dog too many ‘healthy’ treats they instantly become unhealthy due to the amount of calories you’re encouraging your furry friend to intake. Another way to check foods quality is if a governing body such as the FDA or VOHC approves of the treat. The Veterinary Oral Health Council is especially helpful to look out for if your chosen food promotes dental hygiene or health.

I love giving my little retriever organic dog treats as a way to say ‘well done!’ when he’s improved on or learnt a new trick, and he seems to really enjoy the sweet treats like dehydrated apple slices. They provide plenty of vitamins for him whilst also tasting nice and chewy, helping him develop healthily and happily! I’ve been wanting to try out some other flavours of fruit and veg treats, so I’ve had a look online at some of the suggested healthy alternatives:


  1. Pear Slices


Another great sweet snack for your dog to indulge in, full of essential vitamins and fibre! Dehydrated pear slices are great for dogs of every size and background, to enjoy as a reward for their hard work. These particular slices are handmade by Lucky Premium Treats at their facilities over in Atlanta, USA. Eat treat is sourced, seeded and sliced by them, so they know exactly what goodness is going into their products. Priding themselves on the freshest of ingredients with purchases made fresh to order, you can feel at ease feeding your best friend one of these additive, preservative and chemical free treats!


  1. Jerky Sticks

Jerky sticks by RoccJERKYo & Roxie Supply Co are made with high-quality beef, chicken or turkey and are slow-smoked for 15 hours beforehand, developing a strong flavour and chewy texture that your dogs will adore! The USDA approved jerky treats are made in the USA and contain no common fillers or preservatives


  1. Dental Dog Treats

Dental dog treats and chews from Greenies have been highly rated amongst dog owners and DENTALveterinarians for their safe and easy digestibility and low fat content. Because of their rigorous test and quality control, Greenies have provided pet parents with the relief of knowing their canines mouth is not a concern as the doggy chews fight plaque, tartar, bad breath and additionally, include vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet, teeth and gums.


  1. Roast Chicken Mini’s

At only 3.5 calories per treat, these mini low calorie treats are ideal for those dogs who love the taste of chicken! Zuke’s brings us their naturally moist training treats; organic and available in duck, peanut butter, pork, salmon, wild rabbit, sea food and exotic flavours. Using no wheat, corn or soy, Zuke’s pride themselves on their all natural ingredients that make for wholesome, ROASTCHICKENtasty treats.