Alfred and Jo Jo's Horse Portrait

Painting a pet portrait for a horse lover is definitely one of my favorite moments. The various angles and shapes to a horse’s face certainly add a fun challenge to any of my paintings, and I relish this in trying to capture every detail perfectly. The soft large brown eyes of Alfred were enticing for me to paint, as they can be quite intelligent yet soft-spoken to look at.


Painting this horse portrait was no different, and I’m glad the owner gave me the opportunity to do so. I took tremendous time and effort with each detail rendered here, from the soft fades of the hairs in the manes down to the soft velvety noses, begging for a treat, possibly an apple or two. Even with the lush green grass behind them tempting them for a meal, they still appear to sough attention from Maureen their owner. This provided a beautiful scene in which I got to paint this horse portrait from.


I spent many hours recapturing the mare and her filly. You can almost smell the chilly morning air, and hear it whisk through the trees in the background that provide a wonderful contrast of color to the rich brown shades that these two beautiful horses have. Having just woken up from sleep, these magnificent creatures still appear alert and well, intending to make the most out of the day ahead of them. With all that delicious grass to eat, a day full of sunshine to pay around in, and generally taking in all that this penned-in meadow has to offer. At least they put their best faces forward in this horse painting to provide and interesting photo for me to work off of.


Painting a horse portrait from a photo is generally one of the most rewarding experiences for me, given how large these animals can be. They’re not really well known for being able to stand still long enough for photos either, so the fact that I got to paint this beautiful horse portrait for Maureen from such a well-captured image was simply breathtaking. She was delighted to see how much I focused on the soft angles of their faces and their intelligent eyes; she almost broke down in tears. Horses had always been her passion, and now she has the perfect way to share her hobby with anyone who comes to pay her a visit. Seeing the look on her face when she received her pet portrait was certainly quite moving, and is the main reason why I endeavour to capture every single detail in every pet portrait painting that I do.