What Animals Make the Best First Pets? -


Are you thinking of getting a new pet? Will it be the first pet for a little one, or even yourself? In this article, we will mention some animals that are low-maintenance, making them wonderful choices as a first pet.

  1. Hermit Crabs

One of the easiest animals to take care of is the hermit crab, making it one of the best first pets. As an added bonus, children (and adults!) will be able to enjoy the sight of the crab changing his shell from time to time. Each day, they need fresh food and water, as well as a misting to keep them nice and moist.

  1. Gerbil, Mouse, or Hamster

These small cuties make excellent first pets as well. All three are part of the rodent family and are particularly adored by children. Therefore, the ownership of one of these animals can help introduce a child to the world of responsible pet ownership.

The animal will need a clean and comfortable cage to live in, as well as a wheel so that he or she can exercise. Food and water are also a must each day. The gerbil, mouse, or hamster can also be handled and socialized with each day, but watch out! They are known for being excellent escape artists, so keep a close eye on the animal when he/she is out of the cage.

  1. Guinea Pig

Another animal in the rodent family, the guinea pig is an excellent pet for someone who has never owned an animal before. They are cute, cuddly, and they even squeak with excitement when they view their beloved human!

One thing to keep in mind when considering a guinea pig is that the animal loves to live in groups. If you have the ability to, then, you may want to adopt two females so that they do not feel lonely.

  1. Gold Fish

Gold fish are very much the stereotypical first pets and many a child has started their life and love of animals with these little fish.

There is more to looking after goldfish that meets the eye and this guide on how to take care of goldfish will get you and your children started in the best possible way.

In conclusion, there are many excellent animals to choose from when it comes to first-time pets. Other honorable mentions include lizards, fish, small snakes, and if you feel up for it, even older cats and dogs. So if you are ready to bring home your first companion, consider one that we mentioned here in this article. Unconditional love is waiting!