Bonito & Shea

This is a pet portrait of Lois’s two Shelties Bonito and Shea. The beautiful background is from Lois’s backyard. Here is what Lois had to say about his two beautiful Shelties

‘Here are my two Shelties, Bonito and Shea. Bonito will be 13 years on 5/5/14. He is a large Sheltie but both with parents are the size of my little Shea. Bonito is very gentle and will do anything for you. Shea is my “Heart Dog” and she just turned 3 on 2/11/14. She follows me all the time and sleeps on the foot of our bed. Shea has steps to climb onto our bed because it is go high. Both of our “fur kids} love each other and our very good as a brother and sister team. The picture was taken in our far backyard near the creek. Love them both so much.’