Bruno's Dog Portrait

From photograph to canvas

When Mark had sent me the picture of his pet dog Bruno for painting dog portrait, my artistic eye got glued to this animal. I was excited about painting the oil painting of Bruno. I had earlier done plenty of oil paintings of people’s pets so it was a not a new thing for me. However like every artist, I wanted my latest painting to be the best among all.

Dog portrait from photos

The best thing about oil painting is that you can make your object look very expressive. I never believe in buying cheap and poor quality oil paints as they can make the painting a tedious process. Oil paints of good quality provide good vibrancy. For painting Bruno and the background, I mostly used the oil paints of the following colors: Mars Black, Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Yellow. I set up my work table in such a way so that it is exposed to direct sunlight.

The beginning

At first, I used a pencil to create a rough sketch of Bruno on my canvas. A realistic oil painting must have recognizable patches of dark and light. So, I looked at my sketch and figured out the angle at which light is coming from. Then I figured out the angle where shadows are located. Then I selected the colors for painting. I assessed the movement of Bruno as it was vital for planning my brush strokes.

The painting

Oil paintings are quite tricky. One step wrong and the painting can be a mess. I created the shade I required and mixed the paints twice so that I never run out of the right color. Painting the eyes of Bruno was the most difficult part as I had to make them very expressive. I mixed linseed oil (a blending medium) with the black oil paint to thin the paint. This ensured the exactly needed consistency in the painting. Generally, one layer of paint takes three days to dry.

Finishing it off

So, after the first layer of paint dried, I applied a second layer wherever it was required. During those three days, I studied my painting and made some last moment changes to make the painting look more real and articulate. I added a coat of varnish when the entire painting got dried completely. I was satisfied with my work and desperately waited for Mark’s reaction on seeing his Bruno’s portrait.

When I sent Mark a photo of the finished painting, he was overwhelmed with happiness. After Mark got the delivery of the portrait, he personally told me how much he was delighted with the painting. Since Bruno is very special to Mark, the portrait overjoyed him.