Casper's Pet Portrait

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” 

This quote epitomises Casper’s mutual love for her owner Sherri. Painting Casper was one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences I have encountered. These sort of challenges are what an artist like myself lives for. The sheer beauty of Casper was almost intimidating  whilst painting Casper’s pet portrait. The background (provided in the original photo) of trees and leaves perfectly compliments the Casper’s portrait. Sherri was very happy with the end result, after many hours and revisions of the portrait. Hopefully this will provide a fitting memory for Casper who sadly recently passed away.

As an E-artist I paint pet portraits from photos you provide. Sherri provided me a fantastic photo which allowed me to paint a beautiful oil painting of Casper. The better the initial photo the more accurately I can paint the portrait.

Below are the incredible thoughts of Casper who clearly loved her owner Sherri and appreciated the chance Sherri gave to her, as a disabled dog.

I will shout from the mountains before I leave this earth… I have a message to share and I hope many humans will step up and give a home to a dog with disabilities like me. My time on earth has been cut short, my mom’s heart will hurt for a very long time when I leave. Some of you will help my mom get through this difficult time. With my mom’s help I’ve accomplished a lot for a deaf dog with visual impairments and I hope I’ve made my mark on the world and will forever be remembered in a kind, loving way, always wanting a butt rub from a human! From the day I met my mom we’ve had the best of times. She teach me how to do things most normal dogs don’t do, together we learn agility and become Therapy partners. We spent time visiting with children who were sick and not feeling well and I loved watching them smile, letting them wrap their arms around me and sharing a moment of compassion and love, bringing a moment of happiness in what is possibly a lifetime of pain. So for me the remaining journey is short for now it is my turn to rest and receive love that I’ve given so many times to others. Please understand that my mom took me to the best doctors available but the cancer is greater than can be healed, it’s called a Splenic histiocyctic sarcoma with metastatic sarcomas in my lungs. No treatment will fix me and my journey will soon end. My legacy will live on for a very long time. I always be with you in your heart and your memories.. deGhost’