Cat Meow - What could it mean? -


Cats and dogs are two of the most popular choices for pet lovers. They have different personalities as well. While dogs are more expressive of their feelings, cats tend to be more aloof and independent. They can be snobbish or ignoring at a point. But just the same, they are lovable and cute. Despite their seemingly “I don’t care” attitude, they still have their endearing ways to show affection and communicate.

Sometimes they purr and circle around your leg and there are times you will see them walking and meowing at the same time. Did you know that just as a barking of a dog means your pooch is trying to tell you something, meowing of a cat indicates that your kitty is sending you a message? Some even make sounds as if they are mumbling. This is because they have a wide range of vocalizations.

According to experts, when a mature cat meows, it is communicating to humans instead of other cats. While kittens do this to get their mothers’ attention, this habit usually is not as intense as they age. This indicates that when a cat meows, it needs something from its owner. It can be asking for food or wanting to get out of the house. There are also times when this meowing sound means that the cat is acknowledging the presence of its owner, as if saying “hi”.

Different Meow Sounds

“Mreep”This is a meow that is not too short and not too long. You will usually hear this if your cat wants to eat or is asking you for food. Cats usually do this when they know it’s near their meal time and they see you. Also, if they see you holding something to eat, like bread, they will look at you and meow.

“Meep”This type of meow is shorter than the previous one and can be likened to us humans when we clear our throats. A cat is often heard making this sound if he or she wants their owners to give them attention or stroke them. This is the cat’s way to say they want to be near you.

When a cat makes this sound, a kind of meowing with almost no interval, this is an indication that this kitty is in pain or hurting. This can also mean that it is scared. When a feline is sick or not feeling well, this type of sound is common. So, if you notice that your cat is not vibrant or playful like it normally is and makes these sounds, you should consider taking it to the veterinarian.
Cats are nocturnal and fond of catching anything that moves, say, a mouse or even a bird. When they make this sound, this is their way of saying that they have something delicious.
“Mreeeee! Mreeeee!”
This kind of meowing somewhat has a shriek sound and high in pitch. Moreover, it can be louder than the usual meows a cat makes. Cats can be heard meowing this way when they want something, like food, and they are impatient about it. This is because cats, unlike dogs, can be demanding. When they want something, they will not melt your heart with the look puppies or dogs have. Instead, they will make you give in to them just to make them stop meowing.
Mumbling Meow
This is more of a chattering than a meow because it sounds like the cat is saying mumbled words. Often, this is heard if two cats are about to fight or warming up before lunging into each another.
Now that you have an idea of what cat meows mean, it will be easier for you to understand what your cat wants to tell you.