Competition Entries Part One -

Competition Entries to WIN a free Pet Portrait!
my border collie deserves to win as he is so clever he gets the post each morning , closes doors , walks without a lead and gives u lots of cuddles hes the best
I’d love to have my dogs painted. All three are rescues, and the middle one, Katy was abandoned at a very young age as a bag of bones and the youngest, Bobby, was abandoned because he had terrible gut issues requiring months of treatment and special foods. They have turned into lovely dogs despite their hard starts and I love them to bits!
My Dog is gorgeous and part of the family, so she deserves the world like all the other members!
Chloe. Is without doubt the greatest border terrier there is, but I would say that. I am her lucky owner.
In 2014 one of her daughters became the most winning border terrier in the country and yesterday another won best of breed in Manchester, to have a painting of such a beautiful and lovely mother would be amazing.
My dog Shortie is 12 years old so is getting older. I have had him for 3 years now. I rescued him from Bath Cats and Dogs Home. He is a lovely dog and I love him so much. He is a yorkshire terrier x poodle. I would love to win this portrait because he is my pride and joy.
i have two dogs, one being a rescue and the other we rehomed from a family that no longer wanted her. There names Bailey & Elsa. While Elsa our 2nd dog has settled in nicely, Bailey (rescue) constantly craves attention – little is known about who owner her before us but when she came to us she was very thin, afraid of men and near enough any object we picked up. Since being with us she is totally a different dog, she is always happy and playing with Elsa, constantly bounding round the house, and a delight to be around – not only does she look happy but she puts a smile on our face too that we could provide a loving home for her. I believe that it is Bailey that deserves to have her portrait done as an achievement of all that she has gone through in her life!
Poppy is a little cute westie doggy, she can be feisty, stubborn, naughty, cute and loving. She has bought lots of joy to our lives!!
I’m nominating my in-laws dog Tobias as he has recently really felt the affect of a my father-in-laws illness and eventually death in September from terminal cancer.
Although Toby’s personality did change, he’s become louder and craves even more attention, he still manages to cheer everyone up with his excited barks and tail wagging. He is not just a pet but a family member and he deserves his painting on the wall of the house surrounded by the family photos.
Times have been hard for him and us all but he’s amazing.
My pet deserves to have her portrait painted because she has changed how I see riding. I always used to have fairly simple horses but when folly CAME SHE WAS HARD TO HANDLE. She has taught me to perverse and stay committed. She is now a lot better behaved but still challenges me.
My cat George is very poorly at the moment and it would be lovely to have a picture of him & his mum (my other cat) together,
My dog Lillie ,American Akita is the sweetest and most loyal dog although she is only a 1 year old she is very passive and calm and I would love something I could have to always have her.
My teenage daughter is autistic and had an incredible fear of dogs. Two puppies joined our family last summer and they have made such a difference to her life and have given her so much confidence. They have worked a miracle.
Our dog, Goldie, deserves to have his portrait painted as he is a loving caring dog who is always aware of what is going on in the house. He is so in tune with us and so quick to respond if someone hurts themselves or seems upset. He is a truely special pet.
My beautiful springer Sully deserves to be immortalised on canvas as he is quite simply my saviour.Since losing my darling husband last year he has been there during the dark days with a wagging tail and boundless unconditional love without him I would have been lost.
we lost our beloved tiff 8 weeks ago and are absolutely devasted as was sudden, she was ours and our childrens best friend.
we would love a portrait if possible to hang proudly in out home.
My Tia is the most awesome, loving, loyal and generally just amazing dog around. I never thought I would find a dog so perfect for me and my life as what she has been since day 1 of adopting her from rescue and I couldn’t be without her. She is so honed in on me that she knows before I do if I’m down or upset by something and works hard to cheer me up, and also watches over me if I’m unwell. She is so incredibly special to me and I feel so lucky to have her as my sidekick, to have a stunning painting made of her to put on my wall would make my day, week, year even. I’ve always wanted to get one done of her but it’s too expensive so to win this would be the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time. Tia deserved the best and a commissioned painting done of her is just that, and will show everyone who visits her importance to me.
Our pet boxer dog lady was rescued by us from a bad home where she wasnt treated very good and i think she deserves a special treat to be painted and spoiled
He is so gorgeous he deserves to have his face immortalized in oil
It is Bentley’s first birthday coming up, and we adopted him at a few months old from a rescue centre. He had already had a couple of homes but thankfully seemed to be well loved, and he is the best member of the family ever.
Missy is a 10 year old white Labrador and as she ages we dread the day in the future when we will lose her. She is a central part of our family. She gives us love, laughs and loyalty by the mile. She is a sweet natured pet and we just love her madly.
My rescued lab x Rocky has give us 9 years of absolute joy. He recently had an untreatable tumour removed from his foot…a portrait would give us the opportunity to have an everlasting memory of him when the time comes to say goodbye
Tessa is a beautiful, 13 year old, brindle staffie/labrador cross with the most expressive eyes. She came to live with me and my other 2 dogs when her owner, Pete died in 2009 I have a beautiful painting of Pete, done from a photo by an artist friend of his many years ago. It hangs on my landing and is always there to remind me of the wonderful years we all shared.
To have an equally beautiful painting of his beloved Tessa to hang beside it would be wonderful.
Maggie, deserves to have her portrait painted because she is a loyal, humble and jolly dog!
Because she is a very loyal friend.
He,s 13 years old and has such a sweet face hes always looked cute. from a baby to a big boy.
My Pug Humbug is a special dog he is super intelligent, despite having epilepsy he is loving and lively, and if would love to see him immortalised in oils
My dog deserves to have his portrait painted because he is getting older and I know he won`t be here for ever and I would love to have a portrait of him to treasure to the day I die and are reunited with him.
he is the most beautiful dog you have ever seen not in looks even though he is white german shepherd but in spirit when you look at his eyes you see a soul not just another dog. he is one of a kind and will cheer you up even on your darkest day he deserves some recognition for once and I want his one of a kind eyes to be captured forever.
My pet dog dobby deserves to have his portrait painted because he has been very loyal to me and all my friends compliment him on how nice he is!
Harriet was my mum’s cat, who came to live with us when Mum died. She is an absolute delight and an important part of our family. Harriet was recently hit by a car and has had a major operation to repair her pelvis. She’s spent 6 weeks on cage rest and is thoroughly fed up. We’re so pleased she is on track for a decent recovery and we love her very much. She totally deserves a portrait.
My dog bella, she is a westie cairn terroir cross, we have had her for 4 years, after my dog max died decided that my next one would be one that needed a home rather than a puppy, we got her when she was about 18 months old and we were the third home she had had, she is full of personality and a joy to have in our lives
Because Winnie is such a friendly cat she meets and greets all our visitors
Ironically, for a dog that came from a rescue shelter, Loki, our husky, is a complete diva. He howls and stomps if we fail to adequately amuse him with toys, walks and treats. He pushes past other dogs with his nose in the air, and has little time for human affections outside his own “pack”. Loki is hugely vain and it would appeal greatly to his ego to be immortalised in oil. We, his devoted slaves, would also love a lasting image of him to gaze upon as he truly is one in a million.
Yours hopefully, Irene & Loki 🙂
My pony was terribly abused whilst on loan and ended up with broken vertebrae and ribs. He is now in great health but unfortunately unrideable. Have owned Murphy all of his 18 years and he means the world to me.
Tiny is a 10 year old Chihuahua x Pekingese. As she has got older she has had quite a few trips to the vets for various ailments. I would love to have a beautiful painting to treasure her memory for life!
Tigger was found as a young kitten scared out of his wits wandering on his own along an A road. We took him in and he has lived a very long and happy life, though scared of his own shadow and often too scared to go in the garden if there are butterflies and insects fluttering around. Four years ago he developed lymphoma. We thought that the biopsies that he’d undergone for the diagnosis were going to kill him as he was so very weak and had already lost lots of weight. We were warned that he may not make it through the night. Thankfully he did and he started a radical new drug regime for lymphoma which we were told he may live up to two years if we were lucky. Four happy, mostly healthy, years later he is still with us. He is now a shadow of his former self and has recently become anorexic. He is hugely underweight and he is likely to pass away within the next few weeks. He still enjoys curling up on our laps and having a long cuddle though. The children adore him and are devastated that he is finally going to die soon. A portrait of him in his younger, healthier days would help us all to get through this difficult time.
Benji deserves to have his portrait taken because aside from the fact that he is gorgeous and is a huge poser, when he was a young pup, he had to be castrated otherwise there would be a huge chance he would develop cancer in his older years. He has got a very solemn personality but when he is out for walks he goes for the seagulls and when near water, he tries to be a duck!
he deserves to have a portrait of himself because he has to put up with 2 autistic children and my mum who has M.E.Also him himself has lots of medical problems and has done all of his life.
My dog Taz is clever, funny, sweet and loyal and we’ve been through so much together. To have something as personal and sentimental as a painting that will hold a momento of him and his life would be so special to me. He deserves it because he has been my best friend, the one thing who has been by my side no matter what, and i love him with all my heart
With 5 cats, it’s often hard to get them all looking at once in a picture. However, when they do pose, they pose in the most unbelievable positions, it’s often a case of laughing at them. Would love to get a portrait done of them/
My wee dog Tilly deserves her portrait painted because she’s helped my dad so much lately to get through serious illness. Everyone knew when she was down even in phone calls because he was so much chirpier. She should be prescribed on the NHS 🙂
Archie our labrador would love to be painted, he is a rescue dog who had a bad start in life but has made up for it now by being spoilt rotten.
My dog Jasper deserves this as he was given up after 9 years when we rescued him. The last 4 years he has had a good life with us and a portrait of him would be great to remember him after he eventually leaves us.
Our dog Sully is handsome, funny and full of fun. Would love a portrait of him to display in our home to show how much he means to all of us.