Competition Entries Part Three

My dog (Benji) has been part of our family for nearly 16 years. He is not just a pet, he is part of our immediate family. Unfortunately, as he is now getting rather old (16 years old), he has some medical illnesses, such as arthritis, which he is on medication for. As much as it hurts us all to think about, we know he does not have lon left, and it would be amazing if he could have his portrait painted so that he will always be with us.


This year is the tenth anniversary of the death of my wife’s treasured pony, Maja. It’s always a sad time but I know this year will be particularly tough. Presenting her with one of David’s beautiful paintings would be raise her spirits and remind her of the happiest times with her other best friend.

Jasper is a JRT with bags of energy. He’s more than a pet, he’s a member of the family and we would love him to get his own portrait


i have 2 beautiful cats that are part of the family, they didnt start off as mine, so beings the story, after losing my first cat to a stomach tumor after 14 years i was so upset i said no more pets, but fate had something else instore lol jasper came from next door but he fell in love with us the first day he was allowed out to play and we couldnt keep him out of the house, he finally moved in full time 6 months later, then pixel arrived at our door at about 8 weeks old, i took him in incase he got run over and tried to find his owners but to no avail. i then tried to rehome him but we ended him keeping him. a year later and hes just the cutest and sleeps with us every night. i would love a picture of both of them together so i can always remember them in years to come as they have both made such a postive impact to our family


My Mocha deserves to be immortalised as she has had a terrible life , a Brood Chihuahua she was made to have 9 litters of puppies before she reached her 6th birthday , brought over to the UK by her American Breeder she was then placed in a rescue as she was no longer profitable for the breeder , she had been with the breeder all of her life and never felt grass on her feet or had a bed to herself , she fought for food and cowered from all contact . When she came to us she would shake all the time and was extremely timid . It took a few months but Mocha changed into the most playful loving caring dog anyone could hope to meet , she’s getting on now due to turn 13 in June , I would love to have a picture of her .

Our Jackahuahua Cody is the cutest and most loving dog, very cheeky and so friendly. It would be wonderful to have a painted portrait to keep for ever!

Our cat eccles is cuddly, cute wise with hat. He stops pests getting in our hose be it pigeon, mouse or rat !!

I adore my pet cat Tinkerbell (Tinks) with all my heart, she means the world to me and we have a very close relationship. She is my baby. She has had many health problems over the years and I almost lost her 3 years back which was horrific and this made me appreciate her even more so. Begrudgingly I still have to take her to the vets every month which she hates and I hate putting her through it, seeing her scared sad little face and I have spent thousands of pounds on bills but she is worth every penny and more, there is no price on the happiness she brings me and the love we both share. I could go on forever but in a nutshell she is amazing, beautiful, clever, loving, sometimes nuts in a funny way, very sweet and adorable

My partners family own a small animal sanctuary in West Sussex. They take in animals that have been rejected from zoo packs and considered all of their animals (everything from an endangered red panda to their Dobermans) to be family pets. Unfortunately, they have recently been devastated by the loss of one of their Dobermans and one of their tapir. In wake of this loss, they have accepted a family of tapir from a UK zoo due to not wishing to have empty enclosures. A portrait of their new baby tapir, would brighten the dark cloud under which it has come to them.


Have a look at some examples of my pet portraits from photos