Competition Entries Part Two
Rossa the blonde greyhound would love to be captured on a painting, because she does not realise she is a dog, in her mind she is a precious princess and we are all here to do her bidding,

This would be a chance to show her what she looks like,



Digby deserves to have his portrait painted because he is simply a handsome little fellow.

Poppy our pooch has been both life and marriage saver since she came into our lives 1 year ago. Our daughter had been murdered in 2012 and we were floundering, Claire has been returned to us in some way by Poppy with the love and affection she gives to us.,


Dougie is my daughter’s first pony he is a cob that nobody wanted and they are inseparable so he should be immortalised in paint. He has made a difference to all our lives.


On sunday the 11th feb 2015 our 17 year old cat Ainsley had a massive fit at 8;30 in the morning. We took him to the Vets at 10am when it opended and unfortunately he had to be put to sleep. It was a heartbreaking decision for us & we miss him like crazy.





I got a recue dog last August from Save Valcea Dogs in Romania. He didn’t have a name so I called him Bobby. He is 10 years old with a limp. Nobody knows what happened to his injured foot.But he is the loveliest dog I could ever wish for. So good and very appreciative of home comforts. I wish he could talk and tell me all about his past. He would make a lovely oil painting because in my eyes he is beautiful.

Because a trait of our home is the many pictures of dear departed paws.

Now our new four legged friend would love to have a “pawtrait” of his own.





Rusty had a sad start in life.

The family who had her quickly lost interest in her.

They were honest in their treatment of her, blaming busy lives, and not knowing what having a pet entailed.

Because noone was around during the day, they left her in a shed .. cold, hot or whatever the weather.

They said she wasnt shed trained (pooing and weeing) and that she was a runner .. so, couldnt be let off the leash.

The first day we had her, we let her off the leash .. she stayed close, constantly looking at us, to make sure we didnt get to far away.

We took a chance and let her sleep in Sydelles room .. she rewarded us by being clean as whistle. In fact, she has never messed indoors.

Everyone noticed how Rusty grew in confidence and became a regular comedic .. she knows just how to make us roll in the ailses!

I guess we, and Rusty, are having the last laugh because she is a dog in a million!!

she needs to be added to the wall of family past and present


Our ginger tom, Dexter, was found under a bush as a tiny kitten. All his siblings had died. He has a huge personality and is so entertaining he has his own facebook page. He does something mad, naughty or lovely every day and we adore him.