Competition Entries - to win a dog portrait Part 6

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I own a stunning looking, pedigree, Hungarian Viszla called Oscar.

He is a very rare long haired dog, born of 2 short haired parents who both carried a recessive gene.

He is very special, very handsome and constantly admired and deserves to have his portrait painted.


I think my sisters dog Kai, should win this, because he is such an amazing dog, he is a siberian huskey he is the most frendly and loving dog in the world, he litterly kisses away the tears when you are crying! he loves meeting new people and gets excited, but alot of people will not have him around as they feel like he looks scary and will not have him around them, they thik his because he has one bue eye and one brown, he also has an extra nail on his paw, this i believe is what makes him the best climber.


My sister usually gets upset and crys as people cant see what is so amazing about Kai as they see only what they want to see, he is my best friend and makes me laugh and smile at least once every day in my life, i think a portrait would really make her realise again how beautiful her dog is and why she feel in love and chose him the day she saw him..


please pick us!

I would like to enter my Mums little Yorkshire terrier, she’s nearly one year old and she is a little madam! She makes my Mum so happy even though she is always under her feet and tripping her over! She’s a beautiful champagne coloured terrier and would look stunning in oil paints!



My French bulldog has one eye and is hard of hearing. If anyone deserves to have her portrait painted, it is her. She is my world and is 12 next birthday 🙂 I would absolutely treasure this momento.



Would love to put forward my Aunts beloved dog & 15 year companion, Max. She lost her sister (my mum) and her dog within 3 weeks. A painting of him would be wonderful for her. x

Ruby is a volunteer therapy dog with the charity Pets As Therapy. Every week she visits the residents of the Southbourgh & Hamilton Nursing Homes bringing happiness, friendship, and unconditional love to those who need it most. For many residents, Ruby and I are their only visitors. When we first arrive the room is quiet, by the time we leave everyone is laughing and talking to one another about Ruby or the pets they used to have. When she visits, those who usually stay hidden in their room will get up, get dressed and come out to see her; those who are usually silent will speak to her, those who can barely move will reach out to touch her. She is a very special dog who has touched the hearts of many. Ruby has many more years of therapy visits ahead of her, but when she eventually retires, this portrait will allow her memory to live on forever.


Nearly lost her last year cost £700 but would pay anything last thing mum brought me before she died she is now seven and know she wont last for ever but to look at picture would remind me of both


My cat is the lady, I am the tramp. Paint the lady


My dog Louis is a Springer Spaniel and loves digging in the woods when taken on walks. He gets covered in mud and loves it. A picture to remind me of his fun and frolics would be wonderful.

I lost my horse of a lifetime seven years ago. We enjoyed nineteen very happy years together but all I have as a reminder are a few photographs. It would be very lovely to have an oil painting to hang on the wall to remind me of my boy.


My German Shepherd Rhanie is my life, he literally was a gift from heaven. He is very loving and doesn’t have a bad bone in his body, my two year old niece leads him round the living room by his tooth!! He has restored my faith and is at my side at all times. The love he gives me I cant describe, all I know is that he was sent to me at just the right time in my life. To have an oil portrait of him would just be wonderful, he would forever be with me when he in the far future I hope leaves to go back to heaven, from where he was sent.


Rudi was bred to be 16.2, but disappointed by being a mere 15hh. He was supposed to coloured, but the day he was born the white paint ran out and he’s often described as ‘chestnut with white bits’. Despite this he’s beautiful and deserves a professional portrait.


Merlin my cat was left for dead in the road. With heartbroken children at the vets we were told his only chance was a pioneering operation which would give him a ‘bionic’ leg! With no insurance we had to take out a loan to pay for it but we knew we had to do it. A few years have passed now and the first successful bionic cat has gone down in history. The children nursed him back to health and he means the world to us. He may be famous but to our family he is simply Merlin ane we love him dearly.


Sparky is a beautiful dog, he’s now 11 and a rescue cross German Shepherd dog. It’s taken a decade but finally he likes the vets, (a bribe of sausage and chicken). I like to think if he was a human he would be a singer, what ever the neighbours may think he has a lovely tone to his barks. He’s had quite a difficult year in and out of the vets but his spirit shines and his coat never so shiny as it is now. A painting of Sparky would be cherished very much like he is!! Tails crossed now!! Thank you.


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