Contemporary Dog Beds -

So you just adopted your first puppy. You get him a nice cute dog bowl, some little doggie toys to play with, now you’re just missing a bed for him. You start to panic. When the thought of dog beds comes to mind you get images of overstuffed, outdated, downright ugly square pillows popping into your head. You have a nice contemporary apartment, this will totally ruin the nice aesthetic look you have going on! Not to fear. Now there are all kinds of contemporary, even modern dog beds on the market to choose from. Here are just a few types…

Luxury Dog Beds:

These are a great option for those who have chic high-end homes, and who want the dog bed they purchase for their pooch to match their extravagant taste. The first which comes to mind are canopy beds. They have the classic 4-poster columns on each corner with elegant silk curtains hanging from above with silk sheets. There are also ethnically styled versions such as the Indian octagon-shaped ones with see-through drapes resembling the bed of a Sultan Princess. Or if Europe’s more to our liking, they have Victorian styled versions fit for a queen, or a queen’s pet. I’ve even seen dog beds with a hand-carved wooden frame, velvet bedding and feather accents.

Human Dog Beds:

There’s many styles out there now which resemble actual human beds. Some of the more luxurious are the canopy styles previously mentioned. But there’s also the more masculine bunk beds, which consist of a bed on bottom as well as one on top with a little stairway connecting the two. Then there’s the mid-century modern style bed with the retro-styles hanger feet. There’s also the traditional style, which looks like an ordinary bed found in most people bedroom, even equipped with pillows, but just in miniature size. Or, for those who’s favorite lounging furniture is the sofa, well they even make those for pets as well. Just a quick online search will bring up several types of dog sofas.

Modern Dog Beds

And finally, for those with stylish taste who want a truly modern dog bed, there are an ever increasing number of these now as well. Some have the traditional pillow-like style just with a modern abstract print on the fabric. But most have a uniquely modern design throughout. For example there’s designs consisting of acrylics bubble frames with a fur-stuffed pillow inside. They have many types which incorporate bend wood for the frame, usually again accompanied with fur. Then there’s those with stylish wooden frames sitting upon chrome legs, and leather beds made into the shape of a bone. And then there’s highly unique, one of a kind dog beds out there such as one made completely out of tennis balls.

So don’t worry, you don’t have to be stuck with an eye sore, as there are many contemporary dog beds out there now to choose from.