Custom Pet Portraits Paintings -

Custom pet portraits paintings are something very special to pet lovers. It is a work of art that depicts a treasured pet with uniqueness and depth that surpasses what a photograph shows. Pet portraiture is an excellent gift idea for oneself or for others. This is one gift that they will cherish forever- a portrait painting that immortalizes their pets.

Pet portraiture is a fine way of commemorating and idolizing pets. An artist creates a custom portrait of them from photos. We all have countless photos of our furry friends taken over time. Any of these photos can be transformed by an artist into an exquisite personal work of art to hang in your home.

A custom pet portrait is the finest way of capturing all the charming expressions of loved pets. The main objective here is to accentuate the beauty of already captured photos. Through this form of art, a truly brilliant picture is procured for a pet which can be kept close by pet owners as a gesture of love. Individuals who don’t own a pet but have a heart-warming love for animals can also buy these gorgeous pet portraits paintings.

Coming up with a photo for a custom pet portrait can be a daunting task, to say the least. After all, which of your pictures is going to reveal your pet in the best possible light? Which photograph will show the genuine personality of your cat or dog?

While it might be easy for most pet lovers to know, without the need to think about it, to some it might be an uphill task deciding which photo will be used by an artist for custom pet paintings. The artist’s goal is to paint a beautiful and perfect masterpiece of what he sees. It ultimately comes right down to the one thing you desire to see on a portrait. Perhaps the way you want to remember your pet by, those little imperfections that often show off your pet’s personality.

The first rule when selecting a photo as a subject for an artist to work from is never throwing any old photos of your pet. These photos may just become more useful than you might be aware of. A little artistic imagination is required on your part. You may think that because a photo is not correctly centred is unusable. With today’s powerful computers one can quickly centre and focus. Such old photos can be edited, centred, zoomed and cropped for what might be the next million dollar pose. Each photo is important and may as well be exactly what you are looking for when combined with another photo.

To bring this subject to a close, simply look for the best picture you have. In the event you don’t have one that displays your furry pet in the best way, choose a couple of shots randomly and send them along to your pet portrait painting artist. Most importantly, always send copies, not the original images to myself. Order custom pet portraits paintings!