Do Pets Make Us Happy? Commemorate Your Pet with a Pet Portrait in Oil -

Commemorate Your Pet Today – (Pet Portraits in Oil)

It is amazing how much pets mean in our lives and so their importance cannot be taken for granted. Pets offer companionship to us, they add color to our lives and every moment becomes memorable. As a result, some people see it fit to immortalize their pets and by getting a pet portrait in oil to commemorate them. This is indeed a great move and even after the pet dies, it will still be remembered and the owner will recount the memories he/she shared with the pet. Pets make us happy and below are the main reasons why:-

Pets are known to add color, energy, excitement, spontaneity and a dash of companionship in our lives. Life becomes one long journey of adventure if you have a pet to groom, walk, feed and basically keep you company. These elements make the lives of pet owners happy and not monotonously to schedules and timelines. People who live by themselves in the absence of family might suffer from loneliness or depression but the presence of a pet in their lives changes all that. Pets forces them to happily rediscover themselves and their inner child comes out to play.

Pets also create and help maintain social connections in our lives. In a lot of social gatherings, pets somehow become a part of the conversation especially if there is a pet owner in the crowd. This could spark interest, builds relationships with interested parties who probably initiated the relationship by commenting on how cute a puppy is. In many social circles around the world, a substantial number of people would admit that their common love for pets brought them together. Moreover, romantic movies tend to draw a perception that men who own pets are attractive to women. For instance a man walking his pet dog at a park can easily initiate a conversation with a lady will not have trouble initiating a conversation with a lady as she will probably she lured by how the cute his dog is or the caring manner in which the man seems to handle his dog.

Did you know that petting your pet cat or dog can brighten your mood and make you happy? The innocence in pets is something that pet lovers admire them. It is made better by the fact that pets are unaware of the world outside or around them. Pet lovers find their solace and emotional balance by petting their animals which also acts as a security assurance or mechanism for the pet. This act transmits loves from the owner to his pet and in the process establishing bond. The act of petting your pet makes you feel responsible for another life and by so doing happiness is generated.
Pets do make us happy. They are a huge bundle of happiness in our lives. Unbeknownst to pets, they transmit a flow of positive energy which turns to joy and happiness in our lives. A pet’s innocence and oblivion to what is going on around them makes them vulnerable and so the more reason for us to look out for them. Pets do not have bills to worry about and so their unconscious motive is to impress their owner. Order a pet portrait today for your loved – it will bring tears to their eyes.

Pet portraits in oil