Dog food for your favourite pet -

Dog owners know the difficulty they face in feeding their pets. The dog food should suit their lifestyle and the pet’s liking and taste. It should also be easy and convenient for use. In America, most of the dog owners either buy healthy food from the groceries or prepare their own raw food for their pet dogs.

Dog food is classified into three types:

Dry dog food — this is the most popular of the foods available commercially. They are easy to use and less cumbersome when feeding the pets. Hence there is a growing demand for this type of dog food. Dry dog food is also called as kibbles.

Wet dog food — this type of food is wet and moist, unlike the dry ones. Here the food is high in proteins, fats and water content. Hence the dogs have to be fed higher quantities of wet dog food when compared to the dry version.

Raw food — this is when the ingredients are raw and have not been processed. Many pet owners simply buy raw food from the grocery stores. There are also raw foods which are commercially available in many pet food stores.

These raw foods have no dyes, preservatives, gluten, nitrates, chemicals or even soluble carbohydrates. They are best used when the dogs have some kind of allergies related to dry or wet processed foods.

Raw foods have their own disadvantages. FDA advocates that pet owners follow some basic hygiene when giving their pets raw foods to prevent any type of serious health issues.

Contents of dog food other than raw food generally contain meat, bone meal, offals, animal digest, and by-products. Many pet owners believe that the packaging allows the commercial food makers to use undesirable products in the pet foods.

However, FDA has many regulations for the commercial pet food makers which are very similar to the regulations used for companies manufacturing human food. By conforming to these standards the FDA has ensured that the pets are fed with the most hygienically prepared and good food.
Dog Food For Your Favorite Pet

Pet owners are passionate about their dogs and want the best nutritious food for them. With many commercial companies vying with each other in producing the best dog food, we should not be surprised to find the best ones at pet stores and even groceries.

By following basic hygiene and instructions on the package dog owners can ensure that they are giving their pets the best in terms of food.

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