Dog Portraits

Pets are quiet friends, always at your disposal, sharing you happy and sad moments, being there at any time, without requesting anything in exchange. Therefore, pet portraits are an amazing way of showing resect towards those animals who never leave your side.

Not anyone can paint pet portraits, because it is difficult to express through painting all the emotions and characteristics of a pet. Dog portraits are the most requested. Their eyes can reflect happiness, or sadness, and all this combined with a wise look that shows that they understand more about life than what they let known. Only those who know how to express feelings through art will be able to achieve this look, which is so profound and vivid at the same time.

Dogs have always been the man’s best friend, and a person who loves dogs and other animals is able to realize realistic paintings that can express a wide range of feelings, which might overwhelm by their powerful presence. Therefore, it is much complicated to make these pet portraits from photos, and it requires sensibility and passion for art. Pet portraits may be used in the bedroom, or in the living room, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Among the pet portraits, the dog portraits are the most popular ones, and they reflect the true nature of the man’s best friend. It is essential to keep in mind that these portraits aren’t too fancy and extravagant, but they are rather simple, and quite humble, representing dogs in the best way possible. This simplicity is expressed by choosing the right colors, without exaggerating with too strong shapes. As mentioned before, eyes play a central part in each painting, being like a mirror towards the soul, expressing all the feelings in a beautiful way. Each of these animals is unique, having unique features that distinguish it from the others.

Pet paintings are in some way similar to human portraits, and they represent a form of art, expressing both the pet’s and the painter’s feelings. No matter if they are placed outside or inside, the landscape is only the secondary plan, and the main focus is represented by the animals, who actually occupy a central part in each painting