Pet Portrait Competition

Tell me about your dog? This is Rio, he is ten years old shortly, he is we think a Jack Russell Terrier x Fox Terrier. He is very tall. I have had him since he was eight weeks old. He is my shadow, my whole world, I would be totally lost without him, he has helped me in so many ways. Hes a strong, fiesty dog full of character.

Why is your dog special to you? He is my best friend, he helped me when my life was at rock bottom and I was barely leaving the house, he gets me out of the house every single day exploring new and beautiful places. Hes given me a lot of my confidence back to face the world. I am never alone as long as he is with me.

How do you normally treat and look after your dog? He is treated like royalty and I wouldn’t have it any other way either! He sleeps next to me on the pillow every night, I never go out and return without a toy/treats for him. I take him mostly every where I go. He always comes first to me. We go on gorgeous long walks every day, the highlight of my day seeing him run free enjoying comp



I am writing this to enter the competition. I’m writing you about my Butters. When I got him he was just a little ball of fur in horrible condition. He was a baby, maybe 10 weeks old and he had already suffered so much at the hands of human beings. He was infested with parasites and terrified. We got him fixed up health wise, but his emotional state was a different story. He was so afraid of everything. If you attempted to pick him up, he screamed. After months of love and patience, we became inseparable. Every step I made he did too. He began to trust and love my family and friends, but outside of home, he was in constant terror of the world. Home was his safe place. He was misunderstood by those who did not know him. The world was just too big and scary for him. But to me, he was as loyal and affectionate as a dog has ever been. When my son was born, Butters gave him the same fierce love and loyalty. I said my final goodbye to him this week. I’m still in shock. In the three years he was here, he changed my heart in ways I never knew possible. He reached my soul in a way nothing ever has. Nothing in the world could ease his fear of the world outside of his home. I cried so often for him. He had no physical scars so I’ll never know what acts of cruelty he endured but I know someone hurt him as he Beverly fully recovered. He was my best friend. He made my bad days seem good and he always had a hug for my tears.