Evolution of the Best Pet Vacuums -

The quest for clean rugs and carpets started long before the invention of the Vacuum cleaner. Today we are grateful to the inventors of the past 120 years ,that have created today’s top vacuum cleaners.

Cleaning Rugs and Carpets ( which were not yet wall to wall as we know today), was always an ordeal. They were carried outside, hung on a line and systematically beaten with a broom to remove dirt. So next time you find Vacuuming to be a chore, think about those poor women with a broom.

The first attempt at carpet cleaning was in the form of a Carpet sweeper invented by Daniel Hess in Iowa. Notably, a similar unit was soon created by Melville Bissell in 1876. His Company later added Vacuum Cleaners to its range of products. Bissell Vacuums still feature in reviews like The Best Vacuum for Pets | VacuumSeek today.

Wikipedia says that the first Vacuum Cleaner was invented around 1901 by Cecil Booth.

Booth’s first Vacuum was a large machine mounted on a horse drawn carriage. Powered by a Petrol motor.

It could not be taken indoors, but in most ways functioned as later portable units did. Using a fan to suck air through a cloth filter, catching dust in a Bag.

The Quest for the best Carpet Vacuum.

The first Electric, domestic Vacuum Cleaner was created around 1907 by James Spangler. He used an electric fan to draw dirt through a pillow case, and into a “soap box” collector bin. He also borrowed the carpet sweeper’s brush to loosen dirt. The design was sold to William Hoover in 1908 and the rest is history.

In 1921 Electrolux was formed in Sweden. Interestingly one of its 1930 models was still operating until 2008.

It was after the second world war, that vacuum cleaners became sought after by the middle class. They use became more widespread, particularly in western countries where wall to wall carpets became popular.

In the later part of the 20th century two large changes took place.

  • the development of the portable Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner by James Dyson,
  • the release of the first Robotic cleaner by Electrolux (1997).

Together these events have set the new direction for vacuum Cleaners.

Today there are a wide range of cleaners available. From upright vacuums, to hand held, cordless, battery operated, and self regulating Robotic cleaners. So,when it comes to dealing with today’s carpets, which of these approaches is best?

Power and Filtration

The keys to cleaning Carpets, (especially where Pet Hair is concerned ),while leaving a dust free living environment are power and superior filtration.

With the development of the Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner, Jim Dyson separated his brand from the rest in the late 1990’s. Continued innovation and powerful marketing see the Dyson brand positioned as a world leader for domestic vacuums, especially with carpets.

Dyson’s design uses a ground level filter to catch initial dirt as air enters the machine. The swirling “cyclonic” movement of air within the machine allows dirt to fall to the bottom of the Cylinder, whilst the air is drawn upwards, re-filtered, and returned dirt free into the environment. So that takes care of the separation of Dirt and air.

As for power, the latest Dyson DC65 Animal vacuum produces 245 Air watts (AW) of power. Whilst not the highest power rating available, when combined with the Cyclonic action and dual filtration of the Dyson, it is a hard combination to beat.

Perhaps the Shark Rotator Liftaway with 270AW, and its ability to convert from an full powered upright to a liftaway cannister is the Dyson’s main competitor.