Fluffy's Cat Portrait

If you’re looking for a great place to have your cat painted form a photograph, then you’ve come to the right place.


This cat portrait is a fine example of a cat portrait that I’m able to paint. Painted with rich oil paints, the detail really comes out, providing the illusion that Fluffy would move if you blinked. The rich, luscious green backdrop, accentuates the lovely colour of the cat’s eyes, a bright yellow set against the dark fur. I thought it was quite a fitting choice to paint, given the balance of all of the colours in this one off customised piece. The balance of light and dark in the photo are perfect, which has helped me really bring Fluffy to life. It was a true privilege painting Fluffy.


I recreated the fur to look soft, tempting you to reach out and touch it yourself. I know I was when I first finished painting it. Painting this beautiful pet portrait even made me want to get a cat of me own. Each whisker and hair were painted individually with such skill that you’ll be amazed at the level of detail. The textured concrete ground that the cat sits on has withstood the test of time and the tough surface provides a contrast to the softness of the cat’s fur.


The stark white of the whiskers and hair in the ears provide some personality to this dark cat. When you could have been smart enough to see that there wasn’t a missed detail anywhere in my handiwork. The ear cocked to one side, possibly in hearing some small prey off in the distance, reveals the alertness of the cat in something I wanted to illustrate in this cat portrait. It’s possible that Fluffy even spotted a mouse or two while her picture was being captured, but sought it better to allow her owner to capture his cuteness from the perfect angle.


Fluffy was painted from a beautiful photo provided by the owner, and I got the chance to recapture every single detail, from the hairs on her toes right down to the tip of her tail. You can see the patience in his eyes, even though he’s probably interested in doing something else more cat-like. I thoroughly enjoyed painting Fluffy for her Owner Jill