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Dog training can be daunting, especially if you are a beginner trying to get into the business of getting dogs understand and develop certain behaviors. But this can be easy for a seasoned trainer. There is no big magic when it comes to dog training and helping your dog do some things you want. The trick is to spend your time with your friend and understand him.
Some people tend to have a soft spot with dog in that they get the dogs doing what they want without a lot of energy. The dog takes the instructions immediately unlike you to whom the dog stares on giving instructions. It is natural that some people have that unique sense of attraction from then dogs and can easily bond with them within a short time. However, many people require training and experience before they can be able to do this.
One of the biggest tools of dog training is the tone of your voice. Your tone means a lot when it comes to issuing of instructions. Your dog needs to understand when you are are not happy with what it is doing. Remember your dog doesn’t know what is wrong or right and it is your chance to let it know or differentiate between good and bad.
Dogs are also like human beings, they require reinforcement and conditioning to allow them to learn or unlearn certain characters. You need to treat them differently when they do good. Do not raise your tone or roar at him when it does something you consider bad. Instead, show him that that was a bad thing and train him not to repeat it again. You can make your dog keep doing good things by showering it with a lot of goodies whenever it does what you want. This way, they will naturally be doing the same thing the same way. Of course, continuous praise is necessary to keep your dog doing the right thing.
There are different dog training tips and the way one trains his dog is different from what another person does. However, the outcome of the training should be the same. Sometimes you may not achieve good results, and so you should keep trying since behavior is not changed overnight. The best age to start training your dog is between 3-16 weeks.
It is at this tender age that you can mold your dog into a better dog when it grows bigger. When you train your pet during this time, you will be surprised that he will adopt this character in the entire of its life. A successful dog training depends on the variety of tips available. Remember some tips may work while others may not give you results. You need to have a mix of tips to enable you to try different ways and adopt those that will work for you.
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