Hayley's Horse Portrait -

In painting this oil portrait of this beautiful, majestic white horse my main goal was create a convincing depiction. I wanted to ensure that I painted a life-like representation of this horse, with its’ soulful eyes and stunning mane commanding the attention of anyone who was to see it. I didn’t want to make any subconscious assumptions about what a painting of a horse should look like. I wanted to create a unique portrait that captured all of the qualities and characteristic of this horse. I used photographic references of this horse throughout the entire creative process in order to guarantee a completely flawless and stunning representation of this beautiful animal.

I began this portrait by sketching the horse using graphite to ensure precision. From there, I went over the sketch in thin, dark oil paints. My next consideration was this beautiful horse’s face. It has features with complex underlying elements involved. This horse has a face with intricate contours and textures. I wanted to create a realistic, three-dimensional impression of the horse’s head and face to ensure that the portrait was not flat and unconvincing. I painted from large areas of work down to each minute detail. I was careful to blend around certain areas and to apply fine detail or soft glazes where needed. I used fine brushes for the horse’s eyelashes and highlights and made sure to included subtle yet crucial changes in color and tone throughout the painting. I paid special attention to incorporate highlights on the horse’s mane, eyes, ears and around the nose.

The background in this portrait is also something that I wanted to lend itself to creating a sense of realism and authenticity. I sketched out the background of the scene, which includes leafy trees and a fence. I painted the trees with such detail and dimension, that you can feel the texture of the leaves by just looking at this portrait. I did this by layering colors to allow light and shadow to play into the texture of the leaves. I used the same method to for the fence, which also looks incredibly realistic and flows well with the rest of the portrait. The elements in the background are what gives this portrait depth and a more genuine, authentic feeling.

I was able to bring my vision for a painting of this beautiful horse to fruition. The final painting is a detailed, lifelike oil painting portrait. The painting embraces every unique characteristic and quality of this beautiful animal. It is a great way for the Hayley to celebrate her horse and it’s something that she will cherish forever.