Healthy Dog Treats -

Your dog needs a treat now and again,however like humans balance is important. So, how do you ensure it. Let’s review some of the leading healthy dog treats that are available for your pet.

  1. Fresh Vegetables And Fruit

Like humans, dogs need the fiber and vitamins that are contained in fresh vegetables and fruit. Most dogs love chewing on green beans or crunching on baby carrots. In terms of vegetables, it’s no holds barred. Most fruits are also fine, except for a few which are toxic to dogs, including sultanas, raisins and grapes.

  1. Fruit Based Treats

If you would like to give your dog fresh fruit treats, but carrying around chopped up apple inside your treat bag isn’t convenient, then the following are some great fruit treats that are available.

Fruit based dog treats are crunchy treats comprised of freeze-dried fruits. This allows each chip to retain all of the original banana or apple’s goodness, without adding any preservatives or chemicals.

  1. Meat Based Treats  

If you are going to give your dog chicken treats, be sure chicken is the first ingredients. Beef jerky is another good high meat content treat.

Jerky is also high in protein and low in calories. However, be warned: watch out for cheaper imitation which are sometimes used for bulking up products by using fillers like soy, corn and wheat. These fillers are harder for dogs to digest, and can result in an upset stomach or excessive flatulence.

One great options are natural treats like those from This Las Vegas based grooming studio and pet bakery has a wide selection of great, healthy dog treats and is well worth a look.

  1. Biscuit Treats      

The ultimate for some dogs is crunching down on a tasty biscuit. Dog biscuits have been in existence for centuries. However, just because they were one of the very first commercial dog treats available, doesn’t mean you should overlook them.

The best biscuit treats use all natural ingredients like apples, sweet potato, cheese, oatmeal, cheddar cheese and chicken and get baked slowly in the oven. Be sure to check out the ingredients and watch for artificial preservatives or flavorings.

Biscuits are conveniently available in various sizes, ranging from a small kibble-sized treat to large biscuits, which allows you to choose whatever will suit your dog the best. Usually these treats are non-greasy and dry, so they won’t mess up your training pouch, allowing you to easily carry them around with you.

  1. VOHC Approved Dental Chews

The claim that some manufacturers make about their treats improving oral health is taken seriously by the Veterinary Oral Health Council. They subject numerous products to rigorous testing in order to help consumers find the best dog treats for healthy teeth and help keep them from being misled.

The only products that are given a seal of approval by the VOHC are those that have been proven to be effective at abrading tartar and wiping away plaque.

If you want to give your dog a treat that has teeth cleaning action as well, then search for VOH approved products (Just be sure they are the right size for your dog so they aren’t choking hazards).

  1. Chew Treats

At times you need for your dog to stay quietly occupied so you can do other things. In this type of situation the perfect solution is a long lasting chew treat. However, that doesn’t mean you will need to make comprises on your dog’s health.

One popular option is the bully stick as they are made out of 100% beef tendon. The healthiest and best bully sticks are made out of grass-raised Brazilian or US beef that is free of growth promoters or antibiotics. Each bully stick is high in protein and loaded with nutritional value. Keep this in mind so that you don’t give your dog too many calories accidentally.

If you think bully sticks are too abrasive for your pet’s teeth, there are softer, healthy alternatives available.

  1. Low Calorie

Healthy low calorie treats for dogs are a great option. Some oven-baked treats are free of sugar, flavorings and artificial colours, and are just one calorie. This makes them ideal for reward-based training since they won’t make your dog gain weight in the process.