How to choose a good dog fence system -

If you are a dog owner, you know how much your dog loves space and exercise. If you want to allow your dog to freely roaming your yard and fully enjoy the space, you also need a means to protect your pet. Your neighbour may not enjoy having your dog wondering into his yard. Cars passing on the street are also a danger for your dog. You would also need to keep your dog out of your swimming pool or your flowerbeds. In order to solve this issue, you need to find what is the best wireless dog fence.

Dog fence systems

To use a traditional fence is, obviously, not a good option. Fences make your yard less attractive and are also expensive. Wired pet containment systems make another option available on the market. They use a buried wire in order to create a perimeter enclosure. The dog receives corrective stimulation in a receiver collar in case that it crosses the boundary. However, this is not the best option.

A better choice, much easier to install, would be a wireless pet containment system that creates an invisible barrier for your dog. The wireless system works optimally when your home is centred on your property.

Pet containment system features

In general, a pet containment system comes with the following feature included:

  • Surge protection – Wireless and wired pet containment systems use electric fields and are powered by AC current. For this reason, they can be vulnerable to lightning and power surges. Most of the systems come with a surge protector. It is also recommended to purchase a lightning protection upgrade in order to keep your investment and your pet safe.
  • Battery back-up – A back-up power source has the role in keeping your pet containment system operational in case that the power to your system’s transmitter fails.
  • Audible line break warning – These feature has the role in announcing you when the closed loop in a wired system breaks.


A good wireless dog fence reviews system will keep your dog safe and within the perimeter, you desire while being invisible and simple to use. However, an untrained dog would be confused. In order to be effective, you will need to train your dog to respect the area within the pet containment system.