Losing My Dog Sammy -

Losing My Dog Sammy


A loss in our lives always takes a toll in our daily living and emotions, regardless of who or what we lose, the feeling of absence can build up. People have different ways to cope with a loss or to grieve over the loss of a special person, or pet.
To lose a pet can be confusing for some people who do not understand the relationship and bond that a pet owner has with his pet. Losing my dog was a difficult time for me. Most of my family and friends did not understand the gravity of sadness that I felt. They told me that I could move on easily and that getting a new dog would help me forget about it. But they were wrong. Losing my dog felt like losing a brother and a friend. It took me a while before I could could that I had lost an important part of my life.
I was able to recover from my grief after a while. Expressing my grief was not easy, but it was the only way that helped me ease the pain that I felt. When you lose your pet, don’t be embarrassed to show your pain, to express your grieving because keeping it inside will only make you feel worse.
Letting go is not easy to go, but to give your pet a proper burial or funeral will help you in saying goodbye. It is a way of saying thank you to your pet for all the years you’ve spent together, and to give your pet a decent ceremony helps in letting go.

If you have other pets, take care of them, spend more time with them for they need you as much as your pet that passed away. Dedicate some time for them and make them feel that they are important too. Pets are sensitive, they sense how you feel but don’t let them feel that they are neglected.
Go on with your day. If your usual routine involved some time being spent with your deceased pet, then try to introduce some changes in your daily activity. Find a hobby or join a new group in the community that will engage you into something new. Interact with new people. You cannot just spend your days grieving. Handle your grief, express it, but don’t let it get in the way in living a normal life.
Reach out to your family and friends, choose the ones who will thoughtfully listen to you, and tell them stories about your beloved pet. When we remember good things about our pet, and share them with other people, we eternalize their memories. Through this, our grieving can be eased because we are reassured that the time we have spent with them will go down in the books.

Losing my Sammy was one of the most trying times in my life, it was not easy to cope with a great loss, but I was able to overcome that grieving period and moved on with my life, carrying with me the good memories I had with my dog.

(dog portraits from photos)