Lucia - black cat portrait

This is Lucia’s stunning cat Dave. Lucia provided many photos, which really helped me paint the detail that you can now see in the finished cat portrait. Not only did the photos allow me to capture Dave’s detail but it also allowed me to really understand the characteristics of him which make him uniquely special to his owner Lucia.

The background was also provided by Lucia in one of the photos. The vivid colours of the background perfectly compliment and emphasise the gorgeous black fur of Dave. Lucia is now looking to order another oil painting of her other cat Chrissie.

Photographs are key to a great pet portrait! I require great quality photographs to paint a highly details pet painting. It is essential for customers to email me the best photographs they can conceivably take. I will normally utilize one photograph for the primary stance of each one subject and others for subtle elements and detail. Frequently customers provide for me with more than one photograph to work from i.e. one for the stance and an alternate for coloring. The more photos you send of your pet the better, as this will allow me to really understand the characteristics of your pet that make it unique to you.