Pet Portrait Competition

My springer Dylan is a little scruff, full of life, character and attitude. He’s also full of love and loyalty and the most handsome dog ever. I would love a pet portrait of him.

Because he is the most gorgeous photogenic pet I know and my house could do with a unique classy way of displaying his cute little face on my walls! I am also an artist but pet portraits are not my strong point!


Pet portrait

A beautiful pet portrait for ian – painted by

This is for my brothers pet who has beaten all odds this Xmas to be back home. Pip’s back legs gave way when out for a routine walk. It turned out that he had had a mini stroke and some cartilage had gone into the blood stream. My brother was told to prepare for the worse from one vet. He looked at the other vets notes and on it was written. ‘Let’s hope that Pip is our Xmas miracle’. Pip got home on Xmas eve and is continuing to get stronger every day. A true fighter. Pip is a border collie, the friendliest loveliest dog I have ever met.

He was abused as a puppy and left out in the cold, but he found a loving family here with us in Wicklow.

He didn’t only become my dog, he became my best friend! And we love him so very much!

Charlie is our 4yro golden collie x

He is the happiest dog in the world and never fails to cheer us up. he has helped my family and i through my dads major illness, he deserves only the best for that.

my dad jake may be 13 which is quite old,

but I think my dog has a heart of gold,

he once was a guide dog, but that didn’t work out

So he came to us, made our lives happy no doubt

he has filled out hearts with joy

our wonderful jakey boy


Duke, the ginger Maine Coon, is incredibly handsome. He adores our old black labrador, Marley, and a picture of them cuddled up would show off their beautiful contrasts of colour and texture, as well as their good looks and lovely natures


My pony Sally is my best friend. She is a Shetland cross and although I outgrew her long ago, I will never sell her on. She is getting older now and has recently been diagnosed wih Cushing’s disease. I do not know how many years we will have left together but I will ensure she has a loving and carefree retirement. She has given me so much joy over the years and it would be lovely to have a painting to cherish.


Verne is my first pet since I moved here and he helps me feel less homesick. I think he deserves a portrait as he is full of character and personality. He is also very handsome and I would love to know I have a keepsake to keep of him.

Trixie was orphaned just before Christmas 4 years ago and spent several months in a rescue centre, almost died in that time due to problems with a spay and all the time we were waiting for her to recover enough to be rehomed.

Since that time she has bought nothing but love and faithfulness into our household making a massive difference to my disabled wife, keeping our older dog (14 years and going strong) active with lots of playing and just for being our dog deserves to be immortalised on canvas.

My horse is one a million. An ex-racer TB he has become a trusty hacking companion with a gentle soul and loveable personality, everyone loves Mole! Grooms adore him and vets due to his gentle nature. His name means very softly in Portugese and it suits him. At 16 yrs old I may have him for years to come or very quickly lose him due to his hard early life as a racer and the toll it took on his developing body. I would love to have him immortalised in a painting so his spirit would be with me for years to come.