Win a Free Pet Portrait - Pet Portrait Competition
My cat, Lucy, deserves her portrait painted because she is such as picture of beauty, and I would love to have that picture captured in a portrait forever hung on the wall in her bedroom!


My pet Staffie Lexi deserves a portrait done because she was a rescued Dog and had an awful life of neglect and beaten but since l have owned her she has had lots of love and given lots of love back,she is a dear devoted dog that follows me around and protects me, l would love to immortalize her forever to be remembered long after she has gone to the doggie heaven in the sky.


Gizmo! Our most lovely feline cat but the pride and joy of my beautiful daughter Anneka. On her way to Superquinn Lucan Anneka found this black cat that we think had been abandoned from a car. She made her way over to Anneka and Meowed to be taken up. My daughter took her home because if she had been left she could have been killed by a car.


Fast forward after numerous notices put up on social media and posters put around Lucan about Gizmo there was not even one enquiry.

Gizmo then became Anneka’s cat. She I believe came into Anneka’s life for a reason. Anneka has Aspergers Syndrome which is a form of Autism. Gizmo loves Anneka with pure devotion. She sleeps in bed with her like a human with her head on the pillow and she snores like a trooper.


I know without a shadow of a doubt she was sent to Anneka for a special reason and I am eternally grateful.


Our german shepherd, Frank is getting on now, he is 11yrs old. He has been our constant, faithful companion for all these years but, his health is now struggling. We would love a portrait of him.


My cat, Kermit, is a gorgeous Golden Persian who has been a member of our family for 12 years. He’s so photogenic (if not a little grumpy when I wave a camera in his face!) and i’d love to have this portrait displayed pride of place in our home.


My beautiful rescue cat Lady deserves to have her portrait done as she has had a rough start to life. Her mamma was a stray cat who came into the rescue heavily pregnant and with an infection. She went into labour and required an emergency c-section without which both mamma and the kittens would have died. Lady was born starved of oxygen with damage to her joints. She is now an 18 month old mad moggy – due to her birth she has brain damage and can be quite wobbly. She finds the cold weather difficult for her joints and is still small for her age but despite this she rules our house and the other 3 cats and dog. She is a beautiful cat with a crazy personality and our home wouldnt be complete without her 🙂


It is impossible to take a good photograph of my cat. He always comes out looking like a fat black blob (which I suppose he is). His pupil are always dilated because he is blind and so the camera flash makes his eyes look like car headlights. It would therefore be fabulous if I could have a portrait of him done instead!

Our dogs Tilly and Merlin are part of our family and they bring such joy to our lives.They are a lurcher and whippet and they both run for fun. They are both beautiful dogs and would look amazing in oils.

Molly is a beautiful blue merle rough collie but unfortunately age has caught up with her, she is now deaf and has been diagnosed with thyroid problems. Would love her portrait painted, she has been my best friend for the last 12 years


My cavalier king Charles is 6 years old and so loving and cuddly. He actually does give hugs!! I love him with all my heart and would cherish a portrait of him. It would make my heart sing. Aaaaaah my little darling Oscar you deserve this. X


its my mums dog and he is called billy bear, he has been my mums best friend since my mum got him, after the death of my dad, two years ago.he has the most funniest character ever he is so funny and loving

Socks, our cat, lives with and is looked after by us but everyone in the village knows and loves him equally. He’s a terrific character that I am certain our entire village would appreciate seeing him immortalized in oils.