Win a dog portrait - Pet Portrait Competition

My cat Willow, along with her 3 siblings had a rough start to life having been abandoned at around only 4 weeks old. She is a beautiful, loving, gentle natured cat and deserves to have a beautiful portrait.

I think my dog Harry deserves his portrait painted as he is very confused – he is a cross between a Shitzu, a Scottie, a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, and he’s half Welsh!


my pets name is luke and he is a rescue dog . He was found in a bag with his siblings who sadly did not survive . He is with us 6 months and is one happy chappy .


My Duke is an 8 year old tri coloured collie. He is always by my side and has saved my life a few times (I am diabetic and am also allergic to insulin). He is a very very clever medical dog who also detected early cancer (this I must say was without any training). He knows my moods instinctively and keeps our other dogs in check. On days that I am not well he keeps the other dogs away from me. Duke sleeps beside me and will not get up unless I am getting up. He is my treasure and worth more than all the money and treasures in the world.

My baby girl Molly moo deserves to win her portrait painted because she has been my rock, my life and is 14 years old on feb 2nd this year. I wont have her for much longer as she has liver disease and an under active thyroid and sees the vet every six weeks. Nothing could make us happier then to have her portrait done, that why she will be with me forever. Thank you so much.

Sundalarki is a beautiful young female cat that’s a double for Felix the cat and would brighten any canvas


My dog Peg, a 4 year old shih tzu, is my world. For the last six months he’s been battling inflammatory bowel disease, has had to have a biopsy, steroids, antibiotics, and is on a special diet for life. He’s been so brave and loving and is now pretty much back to his happy, healthy self. As a photographer I have a few portrait photographs of him, but to have an original painting of him would be wonderful!

im convinced my dog charlie was a meercat in a past life because he walks like one when we take him for a walk. and it would look great on canvas.

Our cat Gus deserves to be painted because he is an ongoing source of comfort,love and delight to my 2 girls following what has been a year of bereavements. He is cuddly, super cute, doesn’t mind how much fuss he has and is always willing to lend a furry ear to be whispered into when the going gets tough. He is 14 now, a bit wobbly, suffering from some skin problems and generally getting on a bit and we would love to preserve his memory forever.


My Dogue de Bordeaux Skye was a horrendous RSPCA Cruelty case and I got her in February 2014, she has turned from a dog who snapped at everything, especially men and now she is a delight, full of fun, recovered from her trauma and a joy to own.


Because my cat Lilly always has a look of fury and anger on her face and so with her portrait hanging in the lounge it may calm her down!!!!


Guala the cockerel deserves his portrait painted as he lives outside all weathers protecting his lady hens and chicks.


Our dog Rocky is 3 years old. His mother is half Rottweiler and half Alsatian and his father is South African Mastiff – or so we were led to believe as we didn’t see the father. Rocky is a very good-looking chap and although very soft and gentle is an excellent guard dog! No one will enter our fenced garden without being properly introduced to him first.

Unfortunately, Rocky seems to be last in the ‘pecking’ order with our three other dogs and I think he deserves to have his portrait painted.

I think every pet deserves to have their portrait painted so I’m not sure if my two dogs are more deserving than others but I think a portrait would be fantastic as, regrettably (and morbidly!) dogs do live much shorter lives than humans and it would be lovely to have something to always remember them by.