Pet Portrait Competition

Our Dog is Called Muffin.

She is the most adorable dog every she is cuddley and very affectionate she is back and brown she has this adorable face you just couldn’t say no too.

Muffin is four years old and for me this could be a great Xmas present for her.

My cocker spaniel Molly deserves to have her portrait done because she is the bestest friend I could have ever wished for. She has been my rock through good and bad times and gives me a reason to get up everyday. I love her with all my heart.


Harley our black lab is happy in his new home and we are delighted to have him


Squeakie’s delightful character brightens the day of pupils and staff alike at this boarding school. She was found abandoned at 2 weeks old by the side of rhe road in Spain and we could do nothing but bring her home.


Lola is the kindest, sweetest dog and brings us endless happiness every day. We’d love a portrait of her to keep with us forever

my pony is absolutely amazing, she is my first ever pony and she has taght me everything, she is my best firend and I can tell her anything, I would love to win this because I would hang it in my room and even when I wasn’t with her I could still see her from the picture.


Hello! We have two dogs living with us now, Puppy Blackiston & Fred. While I find it hard to choose between the two I would opt for Fred, the terrier, because he is so loyal to my daughter, who is 13. Fred is a wonderful wee man, much loved a0861502918s are all our animals, and his human, Rhiannon, my daughter has had a really tough year, losing her best friend & having her horse die. We are not well off & live on our own with our animals & I KNOW that if Rhiannon was presented with a painting of Fred, it would mean the world to her & hopefully lift her spirits a bit .. because Fred is her Hero!

Thank you …



My dog Teddy helped my son to overcome his anxiety and depression, just by being his best friend and getting him to re-engage with life.

Our springer spaniel Tilly cheers us all up after long days at work. She is always excited to see us and loves us all. Our cat has recently had kittens who are pretty mean to her and she is being incredibly well behaved as they torment her!


My pet cat oreo deserves to have his portrait as he is most lovable, friendly cat! I recently moved to dublin and had to leave him behind in louth with my parents. I miss him loads and having a painting of him on the wall would make the new apartment feel more like home!



My beautiful boy Ben deserves to have his portrait painted by a talented artist as I tried to do it myself and made him look like a chocolate dinosaur rather than the handsome chocolate lab he is!

This is now in prime place on the mantle piece in the middle of the childrens photos so he is by his brothers, but he really deserves a fitting tribute instead of a dodgy caracature!

Many Thanks


My twin kittens are 3 years old in February. They came to me from a shelter and are sooooo loved.

Simba is the shy and caring kitten whilst rocky is the extroverted playful one.

This picture would hang proudly in y lounge and the perfect gift for my twin kittens.

Honey was an elderly dog we adopted – we adored her and she was the most loving angel for the brief period we were blessed to live with her

sadly she is gone but we would love her photo immortalised in a painting


my pet dog Bertie is a loyal family pet and a vigilant watch dog. for 15 years he has been a great addition to our family and would be a perfect animal to be immortalized on canvas