I love painting cats! This is Pickles Sara’s cat. She has provided the following-Sarahs cat framed

I’d like to thank David  for his amazing work that he had done on my 10 Year Old cat, Pickles. It’s her birthday in a couple of months and this picture is a great addition to the room. I’ve had Picks ever since she was a few weeks old, our bond is unbreakable. She’s my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do without her. I remember when I was at secondary school returning home to a little kitten playing with red string, my aunt had just passed away and she hated cats. Gave us a reason to purchase her when my aunt passed.

It’s like having another member of the family, Pickles looks after me the best she can if I’m not well. We all have our own routines. I left the family home back in August this year and stayed over for Christmas. Pickles hadn’t forgotten our routines. I love my fluffy grey and white ball of fur!