Snuffle's Dog Portrait

A Dog Portrait You Will Love Snuffles here is one of the most attractive dogs I have ever painted in my entire life. I was glad that Max, his owner, decided to ask me to provide him with a dog portrait from his photos so that he could give to his wife it as a present. It’s a good thing too, because the photo he provided was perfect for creating a beautiful pet portrait that I knew he and his wife would fall in love with.

Being an Australian Shepherd breed; I had to recapture the intelligence I saw in Snuffles’ dark brown eyes. He seemed eager to be sitting on the beach, as if Max or his wife was holding his favorite Frisbee, and he was eagerly waiting for it to be thrown. It’s a good thing they managed to snap this photo before he managed to take a dunk in the cold waters of the lake, or else he might not have sat for very long for this photo to be taken. Not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to paint all of the strands of fur on that wonderfully fluffy tail of his.

My favorite part of painting this lovely pet portrait is the wonderful spots along his muzzle. Each one speaks of his individual character as a canine: smart, intelligent, and energetic. They’re like freckles along his cheeks, adding some character to his luxurious white markings along his muzzle and chest. His long ears were also interesting to paint; framing Snuffle’s face nicely.

Max told me this dog portrait that will be treasured forever . The oil paints I used seem to take on a life of their own the more I painted Snuffles in his bright, intelligent stare. The starkness of his white whiskers, I felt, added a nice element of curiosity to his face, as if you can almost see his nose twitching in anticipation for his favorite toy to be thrown for chase. Snuffles’ black and white coat was quite simple to do with my paints and brushes, but the lovely splash of his red collar around his neck were perfect for breaking up the monotony and giving his coat some life. The rocky sand at his feet is rife with textures and stones, which I increased in order to make his coat look even softer and smoother.

Snuffle’s dog portrait was a real pleasure to paint. I really feel my time and dedication to this painting paid off, and I’m sure Snuffles appreciates my effort as too.