Spaniel Pet Portrait -

Shelley here is a 6-year-old Springer Spaniel. Her loving parents submitted her photo to me some time ago. In fact, they sent over a handful of photos, which is what I prefer when handling new clients. The more photos I can see of your pet, dog, cat, bird, etc. the better feel I get for the unique characteristics of your pet, and the better I can show your pet’s individuality on canvas.

I usually ask my clients what their favourite (pet’s) features are, and to send photos clearly portraying these features in detail. I like to have a well-rounded impression of the pet before I paint, so that together we can create the most accurate image of your beloved companion. I also appreciate comments on the pet’s personality, which we all know is just as important as the pet’s look. Aesthetically, personality is one of the most important elements of portraiture. It also determines the relationship you have with your pet, what you do together, and what your memories are.

These customers in particular wanted to capture the sweet, kind nature of their pet, Shelley. “She wouldn’t hurt a fly,” they told me. “She’s been a treasure in our family since we first brought her home. Please take care to bring out Shelley’s kind nature in your fabulous art, as she is a very deserving.”
Maybe you can tell by Shelley’s image here, but the most rewarding part about this painting of Shelley was detailing her fur. Dog’s fur, unlike human hair, has multiple layers. It tends not to grow in one uniform direction, but areas like the ears. Capturing the “whisp,” so to speak, is imperative, especially with long-haired dogs like Spaniels. You can also find paintings I’ve done of Border Collies, Pomeranians, and even horses, to see how I approach fur and texture.
Shelley’s custom oil painting took me 10 days to complete. I selected one photo of five her family provided, but integrated elements of Shelley’s style, posture and personality from the other photos of her I received. Just days after their package was delivered, Shelley’s family was kind enough to send me a letter by post regarding their new portrait. They were delighted with the outcome, and I was so glad to have made their experience special. I take care to personally ensure that each painting is packaged and delivered properly, with the utmost timeliness, at my clients’ convenience. The saying, “One image can express one thousand words,” is the essence of my work at