Top 5 Homemade Dog Toys and Treats -

Owning a dog can be an expensive business, what with paying for food, toys, treats, bedding, microchipping and inoculation, plus any unexpected vet’s bills along the way. So what can you do to reduce the ongoing cost of looking after your best friend while also giving him the best possible care?

We looked at five ways to treat your pup whilst also looking after your wallet…


This is an excellent way to keep your hot dog cool on a hot summer’s day while also giving him a delicious treat! All you need to do is take a normal ice pop/popsicle mould:

…but in order to transform your popsicle into a ‘pupsicle’, fill the mould with a mixture of water and a dissolved stock cube before popping it into the freezer for 30 minutes. Don’t put the plastic sticks into the mixture; rather, wait until the liquid is half frozen and then insert a doggy chew stick into it and wait for it to set completely. Voila: a lolly pop for your pup! Just make sure your pooch enjoys them outside so as to avoid a melted mess on your kitchen floor..!

Homemade gourmet dog biscuits

Giving your dog regular treats can be an expensive business! If you have the time, though, there is a cheap way to bake your own gourmet dog biscuits – personally this strikes me as being more effort than I put in when I cook my own dinner but some people will do anything for their furry companions!

Homemade doggy treats made at someone else’s home…

If, like me, the homemade gourmet dog biscuits sound like a great idea but too much hassle, there is an alternative. While scouring the far reaches of the internet for inspirational ways to treat our pooches, we came across these folks, Lucky Premium Treats, who started making natural homemade treats for their own dog from fruit, vegetables and rawhide. When friends starting asking for them to give to their own pets, LPT knew they were onto something and decided to make them available to dog lovers everywhere!

Plastic bottle in a sockp

If we’re talking budget toys, this is one of the best of the lot. Simply take an empty 500ml plastic water bottle, pop it into an old sports sock and fling it near your dog. After a few moments spent checking it out, his first nibble of the ‘bottle-in-a-sock’ will elicit a plastic crunch…a sound nearly every dog goes wild for. We guarantee once he notices that the plastic gives under his bite, he’ll be chewing it for hours, plus the sock means he won’t cut himself when the plastic cracks and there’s no mess for you to clear up when he finally loses interest and the bottle’s in tatters.



Ball biscuit dispenser

We know there are probably versions of these available to buy out there, but we’ve got a trick to save you some pennies and achieve the same result. Grab hold of an old tennis ball, and cut about one third of the way along the seam. Squeeze the ball slightly to open the slit you’ve cut and pour in 5 or 6 dog biscuits. When you throw it for your dog the rattling will get him interested and the smell of the biscuits will have will tussling with it to work out how to get to the delights within!


Whether you’re crafting homemade toys, baking gourmet cookies or buying your pup some natural tasty treats, all of the above will ensure you have a healthy, stimulated dog without breaking the bank!