Veronica's Shelties

This painting includes the 4 shelties of Veronika.  Veronika gave me the separate pictures of all  four shelties and I have made one portrait with the help of these. This picture helped me to highlight the characteristic feature and the emotions of the dogs. Veronika was very happy after seeing this portrait of her dogs altogether in one single painting. This also made her interested to see the other paintings that I have made or just completed after I made the painting of her dogs. I will be painting a couple more paintings in the coming few days for more owners like Veronika.

Please look at my other work to see highly detailed, hand painted dog portraits in oil. You can find everything you need by just contacting me. You will get a one of a kind portrait all you need to do is send me a photo of your pet.

People very rarely have many photos or paintings of their pets, which is sad because once they pass away, you will not have anything except the memories.  

Veronika is now able to cherish the memories of all her four shelties as within a single portrait. I personally loved making this portrait because the dogs are simply adorable and the pictures, which Veronika had sent me, were accurate and nicely clicked too. The expression of happiness on Veronika’s face when she saw the portrait was priceless.