Watercolor Dog Portraits -

I specialise in oil paintings but have recently have started learning watercolor – which I have found extremely enjoyable. I hope to be offering watercolor dog portraits in the near future 🙂

Painting pets  started as a hobby for me and for many, a way of passing time but now-a-days has turned into a profession for some. Contemporary painting of dogs depict dogs as playful, innocent and cute friendly animals. Great and exquisite paintings of dogs are created by using pictures of dogs in various ways to transform it into art. This trend has gained so much popularity. Many people are working in this line where they paint dogs from pictures and frame them.

There are many renowned artists whose works are sold for very huge sums of money. Choosing the right dog artist can be unnerving. You want your painting of dog to be perfect and expertly done, to portray your canine friend in the best light possible. Here are some tips to start you off.It is important that you ask for references for the dog painting artist you plan to hire. It wouldn’t be great if you were to hire an artist, who is not great at his or her job, and who creates poor quality paintings of dogs that you won’t want to display in your home.

· Different artists use different media including oils, pastel, colored pencils and watercolor. Dog painting done with oil and acrylic may not need framing. Paintings done in colored pencils, pastel or watercolor usually do need to be framed under glass. Be sure to consider this extra cost when commissioning a dog painting. Seek recommendations from your artist on frames that will look best.

·A high quality painting of a dog can be somewhere between £100 to £1000 depending on the size and medium you want. Oils usually cost more due to the expense of the materials and extended process. Pencil and charcoal however, are often the least expensive with watercolors and acrylic rounding out the middle. Bigger pieces of dog paints are, of course, most expensive.

Most artists work from photo references. A painting of a dog will only be good as the reference photo. You will be required to supply a couple of really good shots of your canine friend to your artist for considerations. How ever you do it, good resolution digital images will be required. If your pet is deceased and all you have are print photos, then ask the artist if they can work from them. For these and many more reasons, it is necessary that you put a lot of effort and consideration into finding an ideal artist to create a great painting of a dog that you will be both proud and happy to display in your home.

Your effort will ultimately be worth it when you have a great painting of your beloved canine friend to hang in your excellent home, in a conspicuous location so that your relatives, friends, guests and any other visitor can see how exquisite it is. Your guests will definitely admire your love for your dog and might be impressed by the high quality painting of your dog.