Why do we treat our pets as family members? -

Having a pet that you love spending time with, grooming and feeding provides you with a delightfully enriching feeling. It is the best thing in the world. Nurturing and taking care of an animal creates not only an endless well of joy and happiness but also an unbreakable bond. These days the companionship between man and his pet(s) has crossed over to family circles and it is amazing to see one value his pet to the extent of regarding it as part of the family. Here are reasons why we treat our pets as family members:-

First, pets fill a certain gap in our lives especially in the absence of real family around. This is because over time they share a certain bond that becomes more of an instinct with their owner. Ultimately, this bond strengthens over time resembling what family members share between themselves. This emotional link is created by constant care, grooming and generally expressing love and concern towards the animal whether a cat or a dog. Once this bond has been established, pets can easily tell when their owner is sad, happy or depressed. This is because they are accustomed to certain treatment and if it falters then they can sense a change in mood.

Pets also come with a certain level of responsibility such as walking them, feeding them or just playing with them and for most people, they need to add all these into their schedule or day-to-day lives so to speak. This creates a level of responsibility of taking care of another creature which will in turn depend on you entirely or follow your lead. Consequently, this kind of responsibility grows over time and the pet is no longer viewed as animal but becomes a part of the family. His food is part of the family budget and also his needs such as being walked or petted are taken into consideration and executed. To most people, this kind of responsibility is a burden and that is why not everybody can have a pet and keep it.

Moreover, the fact that our pets are somehow a part of our day-to-day conversations with our family, friends and hence substantiates their inclusion into the family. If couples are not talking about their children or marriage then their pets will always be a part of their conversations. For instance, if a man or woman pet died or fell ill then he has to inform his close friends and family who will probably grieve with him by sending their condolences, flowers and then commemorating him with a dog portrait from oils. To most pet lovers, it is a norm to include their pets in their daily conversations.

Finally, the warmth that comes with owning a pet accords the owner some sense of love, friendship and companionship and all these elements makes it detrimental to regard it as part of the family. Despite the fact that pets may not communicate and express their feelings towards their owners it is a mutually loving relationship between them. This is mostly displayed by the innocent acts such as hugs that cats give their owners as a display for affection or the fact that dogs are content sharing their owner’s bed. These and other acts are reasons why pets are treated or regarded as part of the owner’s family, where they maybe commemorated with a pet portrait.